Why is your teen so tired? Tips to ensure proper sleep.

Health is wealth and without proper sleep, it is not possible for kids and adults to attain maximum health. When your child is in teen years, healthy sleep habits ensure wellbeing. According to “Dr. Silberman” said, problem with typical sleep problems in children are sleep, walking or talking, confused arousal and sleep terrors.

The most important factor that you need to keep in mind is that the bedroom is very safe, without having sharp objects. Moreover, the windows and doors should be locked. Too much dark room can also disturb your kids sleep. It is nice to put on some night bulb or lamp to make them feel safe without imagining any demon or vampire in the room. Soft music and plush toys can also make them feel relaxed and safe. This will help decrease the sleep disorders in your kid. If you are looking for kids to sleep well at night, here are some tips to help you and your child.

Bedtime Routine

Setting up bedtime routine can help your kid fall asleep without any distraction. Make sure that you eliminate all the distractions from the room such as games, television and iPads etc. It will help them sleep calmly. Moreover, make sure do not allow your kids to eat sugary food before going to bed. Activities such as bathing, drinking hot milk and reading books or magazines can help them calm and sleep better. Have a friendly conversation with your kid and ask them what makes them sleep better. Prefer those activities that encourages sleep.

No Work after Work

If your kid has completed all the assignments and homework, ask them to turn off their computer and write a journal. Encourage them to take some shower, listen soft music and meditate for few minutes. This activity will help them relax their mind and feel little bit sleepy. Make sure that your kid gets all the work done before the scheduled bedtime and give half an hour to engage in these activities. A mug of hot chocolate or milk is a good way to keep them healthy and help to fall asleep quickly.

Avoid Energy Drinks and Caffeine

Kids nowadays, rely on caffeinated and energy drinks to stimulate their brain and avoid falling asleep while working. However, the consequences are not favorable because drinking energy and caffeinated drinks disturb their sleep. Make sure to put off all the fizzy and caffeinated drinks from your fridge and replace them with something health for example, milk. Teenagers are more attracted to these drinks when they are away from home. Make them understand that how harmful it can be for their health.

Busy Schedule

Some kids like to participate in every gaming event or sports activity like soccer, handball, baseball, cheerleading and chess. When they come back home, they get busy with homework, communicate with friends and get prepared for the next day. For this reason, parents have to set priority for the activities that they can participate and those of which they can’t. Make sure to be responsible as a parent and help them to take rest and abide hectic work routine.

Gaming and Gadgets

Majority of kids nowadays are glued to the technological stuff, gadgets and gaming devices. If there are any kind of gadgets and electronics in kids room, make sure to shift them to another room. They might not sleep whole night while playing games on Xbox, texting with friends on iPhone or watching movies on television. Make sure to set schedule and stick to it.

If your kid is also having problems while sleeping, make sure to follow the above tips. You are welcome to discuss some of your suggestions, tips and problems as a parent.

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