Mission Statement

“Through commitment and verified all the way through research, we lead the way by providing best parental advice that is positive and realistic for our markets. And it just doesn’t end here! Our design philosophy is collaborative which seeks reader’s feedback.”

Our Philosophy

We at parent-connection believe children are as different as adults in a society. And so, like adults, they do need special attention. No doubt there are wide array of suggestions for children available but there is no consensus on a particular solution. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves at providing well researched and authentic information that help parents making everyday decisions in bringing up children easier.

The entire effort of parent-connection is to provide its subscribers with positive outcomes with access to information from verified and authentic sources and in a language that caters to the needs of parents. From casual visitors to those seeking critical information on behavioral changes, questions regarding why so? why at this age? we transform science and research findings to everyday language for ease of access for parents.

The fact that we like infographics ‘less to read’ content has research backing as well. Morkes, 2001 suggests that viewership in online mediums is likely to decrease when it contains more information and the ability of readers to scan through the content is low. Therefore, we have devised our platform such that users are provided with ease of access through infographics, short videos, and provide content that contains concise and crisp information.

Who we serve

This platform is tailored for parents, nannys, grandparents, and anyone who has a responsibility for concerning children. We also aim to serve the needs of parents on a rolling basis i.e. parents ready to address routine problems and curious to know the symptoms concerning behavioral changes. We represent the ideals of different people but our tie is strong- building strong parent-child connection! In addition to the online platform, we encourage parents to contact us through forums. This is a community to post your parenting questions, tips, and experiences as parenting is most successful when you are leaning on the experience of others.

Our partners

The Parent-Connection Network hosts collaboration with content contributors who provide authentic and well-researched content. Parents have contributed to this platform sharing their experiences and ‘how to’ information. All in all, the parent connection platform is a result of partnership between our verified content providers and parents. Moreover, we highly encourage our viewers to share their experiences making this an online parent connection community for everyone.