Three awesome ways for the treatment of tech addiction amongst teenagers

Nowadays, teenagers are a complete mess when it comes to pursuing technological gadgets, not realizing their parameters. Offers by tech companies, be in shape of apps, games, photo apps, and the like all add up to offers like entertainment. It’s very easy to say that with all these apps offered by various tech geeks, kids eventually forget unintentionally that their usage knows no limits (just the way as one would perceive and like). Addiction in this case would be constant use of mobile phone based apps and various other entertainment means that attract and glue kids to their mobile devices. They can’t even think of living without it, what their life would be and have over the passage of time forgotten what it feels like to be outside on the street once in a while. This is a revived form of attachment these days compared with consoles, etc.

What to look for?

It’s not far seeing attachment to electronic devices that, being a parent, you realize it has to stop somewhere. Worries and frustration all clog up to make parents more erratic about their child’s future. So, what to do? And where to find other interests hidden in your child?

It’s simple, look for what he’s interested in outside electronics. For example, one may be interested in aero-modeling. By all means, this hobby instills a sense of responsibility and project management skills that would come in handy in the years to come. All you, as a parent, would need to do is make best use of parenting skills to extract him out of this tech-based phase.

Investigating…… The Smart Way!

Use your imagination! After all, as a parent you have passed through this time. Use these accumulated experiences to inquire in smartly and effectively. I’ll give you an example. Instead of asking your child ‘what are you watching (on your phone)” and similar other typical questions. You can always get around a child’s typical rude behavior by saying, ‘hey, how can we download that photo app we were talking about the other day?’

Know when to be unreceptive

As a parent, you should be aware when to be unreceptive towards children. This does not mean giving them a silent treatment, rather it means to control yourself and be intuitive and insightful by using MSpy, Flexispy or Spyera. A one of kind parental control applications that works silently on smartphones by keeping track of their activities, ensuring that you, as a parent are up-to-date of your child’s smartphone and internet usage. All you need to do is download any of these cool applications and let it take care of the rest.

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  1. Wayne Jones 13 May, 2015 at 12:18 Reply

    This is a good first step. However, Kate and I (co-authors of “Great Parenting Skills (GPS) for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality” [available on Amazon] would suggest that the key to the treatment of text addiction is building a more solid relationship with your child. And this can be done through a knowledge of temperament (or personality). In our book, we go into detail about how to do this, and the great benefit is that this can not only help cure text addiction, but also reduce stress and improve communication.

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