The dos and don'ts of online parenting!

There are no hard and fast rules that define parenting nor are there any specific child rearing styles that depict the highest standards of parenting. The truth is, parenting these days is not based on techniques (like it used to in the good old days). Rather, factors like money, job security, and level of understanding with kids play a vital role in effective parenting.

But hey, there are always some tips that define parameters for parenting. A few of such are defined below…


Try to focus on solutions for the children rather than blaming them.

Don’t ever try to solve their problems and see what they have to say about solving problems.


When it comes to making promises, make sure you fulfill them

Always behave like a guiding star for your child

Try to justify your moral activities to children.


As a few rule setting statements for children and for effective parenting, always keep in mind to:

  1. Never insult them in front of others
  2. Never try to dominate them
  3. Avoid yelling at them
  4. Establish a parameter that defines trustworthiness between you and the child
  5. Try to be open with them in discussions
  6. Always make celebrations together with your children. Don’t miss out even on a single one
  7. And lastly, always act as a teacher that gives them room to grow. Never punish them too strictly.

By now, you might be wondering what my blog is all about. Well, it is about digital parenting, for the modern parents. While the above-mentioned tactics are important for all parents, connecting digitally and remotely with them is just as important. These are a few most popular products used for digital parenting: MSpyFlexispy or Spyera. Try any of these products and get connected with your kids at all times.

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