How to stop kids from smoking, vaping and marijuana?

No matter how many cigarettes you smoke every day, you will not allow your kid to get addicted to this life-threatening craving. Teens are generally fascinated to cigarettes whether it is traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette or pot. The most common reason is that they think of themselves as a cool guy/girl and want to copy their favorite celebrities, posing different styles while smoking. It is perhaps unmanageable for you as a parent to stop them from watching such things because all of us are trapped in digital age. Nothing is being undisclosed to eyes and that is why it is almost impossible to raise smoke free kids in this era.

According to Statistics:
1. Survey found that almost 88% of adults who have tried their first cigarette was by the age of 18. Additionally, the typical age at which teens take first puff is 14 ½.
2. Locally, 48,500,000 are currently smokers.
3. The leading cause of death in the United States is smoking and approximately 440,000 people die from it.
4. Estimates suggest that second hand smoke cause 62,000 non-smokers death of which 35,000 deaths are due to heart disease and 3000 deaths due to lung cancer.

Smoking was everywhere in the year 1964. It was considered as a status mark and personal identity whether in offices, TV, saloons, auditoriums or planes. However, as the general awareness was raised about smoking and its negative effects on health, there was a gradual decrease. Many states banned smoking in public places. Nowadays, the smoking trend is escalating again amongst youths. Although it is an advanced form of smoking known as E-cigarettes or vapor cigarette. Therefore, the cigarette manufacturing is getting back popularity again, in spite of in which form it is.

How to Stop Kids from Smoking?
Kids are immature and not very well aware of what they are doing and how it will affect their life. Make sure to use soft tone and polite behavior in order to get them rid of this injurious habit. Here are few tips that can help you stop your kid from traditional cigarette smoking, taking marijuana or trying e-cig for satisfaction.

Tell them About Harms of Traditional Cigarettes
Kids normally think that they have a long life ahead and smoking can never lead them to death before reaching old age. Show them death figures that would be surely an eye opener. Tell them how many people of their age group dies every year.

After Effects of Nicotine
Your kid is not mature and not aware of how bad nicotine can be. Show them how nicotine is fatal for their health and as the time passes it will get difficult for them to quit. Debate on how addiction can be harmful both physically as well as mentally.

Share the Facts about E-cigarettes
The majority of e-cig companies market their products in such a way that everyone is attracted to it. However, in reality e-cigs do reduce the exposure of harmful chemicals, but still can affect kid’s health because they contain formaldehyde.

Involve Your Doctor
If your kid has fallen in the hands of attractive marketing by e-cigs companies, the only way to make them quit is to involve your doctor. He/she may tell the consequences of ingesting chemicals that are not known to the kid.

Marijuana Health Consequence
If your kid has gone beyond traditional smoking and e-cigarette addiction and addicted to marijuana, make sure to take the action as quickly as possible. Prove them from various sources and studies that depicts how pot adversely affects the development of brain in teenagers. You must keep an eye on the health of your kid and visit the school to know the progress.
If your kid was involved in such activities, do not hesitate to comment. It might help someone to live normal and healthy life. Share your story as well, how you kicked out smoking from your life.

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