How to protect your child from cyber bullying?

cyber-bullying-122156__180Cyber bullying is repeatedly hitting one’s reputation and intentionally making fun of the other person by humiliating it with the use of information and technology. We have seen bullying at every stage of life and it is equally common amongst kids. So, this all starts at the school where children see their seniors bullying them and their juniors. This concept of bullying in not new. However this phenomenon has gained popularity and different mediums have been adopted by kids with the introduction of technology. In the previous article regarding cyber bullying, we discussed how social media is affecting you child’s life, behavior and performance and how this thing is increased when parents ignore their children and then they constantly complain about their child’s behavior.


Another medium of cyber bullying is via cell phones. Almost every teenager has a cell phone now days, so there is a greater chance that your child might be affected. There are more chances of your child being affected by cyber bullying through mobile phone. Why? Because, it’s easier to send images and different material on mobile phones, sender might be anonymous. Your child can be reached anytime of the day and any day of the week, and the impact of such bullying may last much longer.

Raising children is not an easy job. And by job I don’t mean providing them with food, clothing and shelter, you have to be vigilant and smart in order to know what is going on in your kid’s life. First of all, you must boost up the child’s confidence level and this could be done by believing in them and not inhibiting them from petty things. You must not make them feel deprived from ANYTHING. I am focusing here more on their grooming because in the end you cannot make them stop using their mobile phones but what you can do is nourish them and groom them in such a way that your kid doesn’t lack in any area and when your kid doesn’t lack in anything there are less chances for him or her to be bullied. Children who have low self confidence are more inclined towards being bullied. So, give your child your best by giving them time and understanding them, don’t stop them from experimenting, they like experimenting because they are new to the world, they like checking out things by themselves instead of believing in you so, let them be.

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