How to motivate your kids to read?

Developing the habit of reading books and hooked to it is probably difficult when it comes to kids. In the present era, there are many things to do like playing sports, exercise, hanging out with friends, technology addiction and school extracurricular activities. It is somehow difficult for kids to prioritize reading books at the end. Although there is a lot of stuff on the internet, but reading on the regular basis is difficult. They may come across various reading stuff on the internet, but what is the frequency of reading those blogs? Online reading is full of distraction, especially for kids. It is not because the stuff is boring, but the charm of social media and other entertaining stuff may lead to distraction.

Encouraging young ones to read magazines, novels, newspapers and comics can be an ideal way to raise readers. It will help in developing interest, dig on their imaginations, learn new words, urge to do research and lots of more. There are various methods in order to develop interest in your kids to read books. Keep in mind that it will take some time in order to develop interest. Stay calm, relax and encourage them in different ways.

Let them Make Choice

The first thing you want to make sure is to let them choose their own book. Do not get angry if your kid did not followed your suggestions. Everyone has own taste and you cannot force him/her to pick according to your choice. For instance, some kids will like to pick non-fictional books; others may go for science, animals and discovery. It all depends on one’s nature. It is a good time for you to develop interest in specific area of studies, as it will help your kid in the future to choose it as a career.

Get Library Membership

Libraries are great place to develop one’s mind and soul. It is just like a candy section for your kid in a supermarket. Get your kid library membership and visit twice a week. Let your kid choose freely from a variety of books. Take home and explore the stuff in it with your kid. You should also appreciate the choice of books your child has picked. Getting a membership for your kid will not only develop interest in reading books, but will also allow him/her to learn etiquettes of library and procedure to issue a book.

Place Magazines and Books in Kid’s Room

You might be one of those parents who have struggled a lot to develop interest in your kid. However, it seems like your kid is doing things forcibly. Do not worry. You can place magazines, comics, storybooks, kid’s newspaper and other reading stuff. Make sure that all of them have some attraction like bright colors, pictures of characters they love and most importantly easily accessible. A secret sauce that works for many parents is by placing the book on bedside. One day or another, they will surely peek into it and develop habit of reading before going to sleep.

Be a Role Model

You have to be a role model for your kid, if you like them to be a reader. Have plenty of books in your home and during free time, grab your favorite book and spend some time. Make sure that your kid is watching you reading. Do not fake it. Show them what is interesting about the book, and ask recommendations as well. Read the favorite line from the book that would attract your kid.

Have you developed interest in your kid to read books? If so, please share us with your experience in comment section. We would like to know about your story.

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