How to deal with Toddler Tantrums?

Toddlers are cute, adorable and sometimes evil tantrum throwers. In the middle of tantrum, you might lose your patience and can be a source of severe headache. Whether you are shopping in a mall, attending a party or lying on your couch to waive off the exhaustion, toddlers tantrum or anger can disturb you miserably. The solution is not to show anger, anxiety, fall in depression or sadness because it is not only your little one, who does similar act. Normally, children of ages one to three years are prone to tantrums. During this age, they are unable to communicate and the way of expressing their anger is by throwing tantrums. There are many different reasons that your little one is throwing tantrums. Let us have an overview of different kinds of tantrums and ways to deal it.

Reasons of Tantrums

If your toddler is throwing tantrums to achieve what they want, make sure that you use different types of body gestures. The best way to deal with tantrums is by knowing what your toddler needs and how well you can handle it. Remember, falling in depression and stressing yourself is not the solution to deal with it. Here are few of the reasons that your child is throwing tantrums.

  • They are hungry and need food. You must schedule right time for their food before they get out of control.
  • Their clothes got wet or dirty. Probably, you need to change the clothes and wash them up if they have peed.
  • They are not willing to wear certain type of clothes or shoes. You need to change them as soon as possible to get the situation under control.
  • The weather is muggy or cold. The only way to deal with is to dress them up according to weather.
  • They were disturbed during the sleep and now it is your time to deal with it by entertaining them or let them fall asleep again.

There are countless reasons that could be the possible reason of throwing tantrums. As a parent, you need to determine how and why your child is showing anger.

How to Deal with Tantrums?

Control Your Emotions

It is the worst time for parents when their kid throw tantrums. No matter, how worse or furious your child gets, you must calm yourself and feel relaxed. Getting into depression may lead to many problems. Try to think what they need and make sure not to lose temper in any way. Try different acts that can please them or make them laugh. Give them a toy, check nappy and feed them if they are hungry. If none of it works well, try to figure out what could be the reason. But in any case, make sure not to lose your temper.

Ignore the Tantrum

Soon after the tantrum begins, it is best to ignore it. Walk away and pretend as if you have not noticed. This works best at the beginning of tantrum. Sometimes children want their parents to give attention or just irritate them. Following this tip works very well often, but sometimes you have to bear all the lousy stuff.

Learn from the Past

Does your child throw tantrum after the clock stuck four. If you face the same situation at same time every day, make sure to learn how you dealt with it. It is either time for you to feed him/her, they need some rest or it is time for some play. It is your responsibility to understand what your child needs at what time. A little child punishment can be effective, but that does not mean to punish them often. The more you learn from the past, the better it is.

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