How to build a parenting style you can be proud of?

Psychologists working in developmental sciences are interested in working out a relationship on parenting styles and its impact on offspring. However, to pin point a certain cue is very difficult although thousands of studies have been conducted in this area, questions still arise from deviations. Like for instance children raised in different environments have more or less similarity in their personalities whereas children in similar environments grow up to be quite different from each other. Social and developmental psychologist Diana provides some directions for parenting styles and areas that require specific attention. These are:

Strategies adopted by parents for discipline.

The way they communicate with their offspring .

And expectations regarding maturity.

Other than that the article aims at addressing the best parenting style that leads to parental satisfaction in the future. Diana's theory suggests that parents respond to one or two of the above mentioned areas in a certain way that determines their parenting style namely, authoritative, permissive, uninvolved, and authoritarian parenting. Of the mentioned, I will only establish grounds for authoritative parenting as developmental psychologists regard it as the best parenting style. Parents having an authoritative parenting style have a strong control over their emotions, develop themselves socially, and are self-confident. This style is based on in-house democracy where parents listen to their children, are forgiving when their child makes or repeats mistakes, and are nurturing and caring. These parents avoid imposing unnecessary restrictions and want their children to be socially aware, responsible, and to an extent caring. Results from studies conducted by Maccoby reveal that children of authoritative parents are more happy, find themselves capable of taking on challenges and responsibilities, and tend to be satisfied with their lives.

Psychologists on the other hand, do claim that adopting a, authoritative parenting style is crucial to success in parenting but adopting a particular style is more or less dependent upon a child's attitude and outcomes. Still authoritative style is advised as whatever the reason may be, children tend to adopt behavior that is prevalent around them. Children mostly learn from parents, so as a parent you need to exercise emotional control and good understanding, allowing children to decide in independence, thereby boosting self-confidence in them.

Being a parent, you should understand that you are your child's role model .

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