How safe is your child from identity theft?

Parents are not familiar with the fact that apart from mentoring their child in digital era, there are few threats overshadowing them. Imagine a person has stolen your child’s identity and use it illegally to get the job, medical care, car loan or mortgage. Before you know, the time has passed and your kid has fallen the prey of scammer. Would you like to take the action before time or just simply wait for the scammer to do his job? Wise parents will go for the first option and make sure that they protect their child’s identity in every possible mean. Child’s identity usually get unnoticed for a longer period before he/she gets adult and applies for credit card, loan or mortgage.

Approximately, 12.6 million victims were reported in the year 2012, according to Javelin Strategy and Research. Another report in 2012 revealed that 1 out of 40 households with children below 18 years were victims of identity theft. Hackers can use the information for different purposes such as opening bank account, getting loan from bank, mortgage, insurance and job. Actions of such kind can prove to be a nightmare for your child, especially when they need student loan, applying for mortgage, getting jobs or housing.

In order to deal with such problems, there are safety measures that you can take as a responsible parent. Here are few of them.

Avoid Revealing Personal Information

Nowadays, children share their personal information on social media without any reason. Make sure you watch your kid’s social media activity. Moreover, do not allow your child to register unnecessarily for different websites, blogs, forums or mailing lists. The information is sold to the marketers, which can sometimes lead to mishandling of information and getting in the hands of wrong person.

Secure your Child’s Documents

If you are worried about child’s identity theft, there are ways that can help you protect by just taking the responsibly in your hands. Make sure that you keep your child’s documents such as birth certificate and social security number in a locker. If you have kept the social security card in your wallet, take it out now. In case, your wallet is stolen, your child’s identity is at risk. Keep the documents in such a place where no one can have easy access to your child’s documents.

Watch Warning Signs

Taking action well before time can help you protect your child’s identity. If your child is receiving emails to avail credit card offers or similar type of suspicious mails, make sure to guide your child before it is too late. Moreover, keep an eye on programs that you are applying for in your child’s name and got rejected. There are possibilities that someone else misuses your child’s social security number.

Invest on Monitoring Applications

Nowadays there are numbers of products available online that helps you track and monitor digital devices like smartphones, tablets and computers. With a very low investment, you can secure the future of your child by protecting his/her identity. Buy any of these highly recommended products MSpyFlexispy or Spyera and save your child’s identity by monitoring all the activities such as call logs, SMS, browser history and location tracking. With simple and easy installation, you can enjoy the security of your child’s identity without worrying. User-friendly and five minutes installation will benefit you in the long-run. Moreover, it is compatible with all types of devices such as Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

If your child has been a victim of identity theft, make sure to report to police as soon as possible. Your child’s identity can be best protected, if you keep strict invigilation.

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