How safe is your child from drugs or alcohol addiction?

Keeping your child off drugs might seem difficult despite strict invigilation. However, it may prove to be a nightmare when the signs of drugs reveal in the teen’s bedroom or activities that might warn you about child’s involvement in drugs. You may come up with the signs such as your kid is talking about drugs to someone on phone, emails, text messages or Facebook suspicious material. The chances are that you find your money disappearing or some unusual stuff and mess in the room of kid. Whatever the case is, now it is time for you take the things seriously and investigate.

There are some cases like when parents react to drug abuse by taking it lightly and saying it is just hash or alcohol or what is wrong in trying for some time. However, the problem may worsen by the time and you might feel that you should have taken actions before running out of time. In order to recognise whether your teen is addicted to drugs or not, here are some of the ways in which teens use to manage drugs in order to hide it from others. Have a look at some of them.

Stationery Stuff

You might not know that highlighter which is used by students can be powdered substances, pills or pot. In order to find out, just pop out the back instantly and you will find the highlighter converting into the pipe. It should not be surprising for you that how your kid learned to turn this simple lighter into drug taking stuff. There are lots of how to articles and videos available online, making it easy for anyone to do the things on their own.

Cans and Wrappers

Cans and wrappers are a great way to dodge you by your kids. Yes, if you find an empty can with unscrewed top, it means there is something fishy going on. Moreover, if you find a wrapper or soda can that stay on its place for the longer period, you might want to take a peek. Moreover, these cans and wrappers can be hidden under the mattresses, bookshelves or windowpane.

Vehicles and Personal Grooming Items

Vehicles are a great place for teenagers to hide their treasure, away from anyone’s eye. Kids can keep marijuana wrapped in a teabag and taped it under the dashboard, seats or hood. If you have a little bit of suspicion on your kid, check the car thoroughly and find out the hidden deadly treasure wherever you suspect.

Moreover, teens mostly use some other things for their personal hygiene or grooming such as lip balm, hair sprays or deodorants. However, do you really feel that these items are used by your kid on a regular basis or there is something hidden in it. Hiding the stuff is easy by hollowing out the bottles and keeping the stuff safely in it. Compact mirror cases can be a place for teens to hide cocaine and sniff through any thin cylindrical shaped stuff. Check out on a regular basis and take strict actions against it.


When it comes to books, it can be very much attractive from its cover but how do you react, if the same book is filled with drug stuff. Don’t get yourself fooled with the cover of the book. Teens can cut out the pages and make it a small little case for keeping their drug stuff safe and out of your reach.

Have you ever experienced any of these situations or any new and weird type of situation? If you have experienced, please share your story with us in the comment section.

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