How does the working of both parents effect the children?

Irregular schedule of working parents can drastically effect the life of child. Tight schedules and long working hours can make the child feel neglected. No matter, how much time you spend on your job, you need to give proper attention and devote time to make them realize how important they are. Due to rising inflation and more expenses, it is difficult for anyone to meet the day-to-day expenses. If both of you are working, chances are that you may have more money but material life is no alternative to parent’s time given to their kids. According to bureau of labor statistics revealed that in the year 2011, 63% of mothers with kids under age six were working. So how does the working of both parents effect the children? Here is the answer that might surprise you.

Closeness and Attachment 

When it comes to leaving your kid for eight hours minimum, there are chances of losing the parent child bond. Staying with your kids does not mean that you have to spend all the day with them. Closeness and attachment is often formed over a certain time with consistent care and love that you should show. If you leave your child in a daycare, they will be more attached with the caregiver, which might hurt you as a mother. This attachment will however, not replace relationship with your child. Make sure to give some extra time to kid and bond with them. Read them a short bed story or poem, have breakfast together and give them a hug and a kiss before leaving for your job.


If you are going to put your child under childcare, it is one of the important decisions, you might make. It is the time where you kid will spend most of the time. The way he/she is treated will have an impact on his growth and development. When you are deciding to take care of your child through nanny, granny or childcare center, make sure to choose the best one who can be responsive and show love to your kid. Kids need attention and love from someone whom he/she is bonded with. However, they also need a chance to test and learn. At the age of three, majority of children benefit from surroundings and social interactions offered by childcare or preschools.

More Equality 

When both mother and father is working, they are bound to divide and overcome the household responsibilities and childcare. Fathers are mostly worried about their kids’ education these days, especially when mother have to work on alternate shifts. In response, children in these houses are less inclined to traditional gender role because they are aware of their dad who can change diapers and prepare lunch.


Most of the times, parents are more likely to face stress situation at their workplace which may lead to negative effects on the kid. Sometimes, they might inject the frustration and anger on their kids, which might lead to negative impact on child’s brain. The best way to overcome this situation is to get your child to care center or have services of nanny.

According to Australian researchers, mothers who suffered depression while their kids are young were more likely to have behavioural problem at the age of five. Regular childcare eased the effects of depression for these kids who spent three to four hours with formal childcare setting at the age of two.

If you and your husband are working to meet the both ends meet, what was the effect on your child? Your valuable contribution in comment section will help many others.

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