When parents argue, kids fight to stay in control

There is not a family, which hasn't complained about fights and unhealthy argumentation at home. These fights destroy the peace at home and make it uncomfortable place to live. All the members of the household are equally affected; becoming vulnerable to disorders like anxiety, hypertension and stress, just to name a few.

Arguing and fighting leads to bitterness and discord for any family. Continuos disruption, disturbance, sibling rivalries, yelling, swearing and fighting renders the household environment unpleasant and uncomfortable for whole family. Teenagers are often guilty of this misdemeanour, who perpetually get into argumentation with the parents. It is a natural trait of youngsters while entering adulthood but it needs to be checked in acute conditions.

Constant arguing and fighting can make the family members drift apart over the period of time. Family members might disconnect from each other at a certain period and may not be there for one-another during the times of need resulting into a broken divided family.

Such type of broken and disconnected families lead to a non-cohesive, indifferent and apathetic societies.

To get rid of arguing and fighting once and for all, parents need to play their vital part in early education of children regarding development of their conflict management skills and anger management. They must be taught early on to negotiate their problems, rather than acting hostile and break into fight at home or at school. They must be shown how to divide the complex problem into parts and deal with each aspect at a time. Regarding anger issues, children must be indulged in sports and exercises. They should be encouraged to adopt healthy and useful hobbies so that they can channelize their negative energies into constructive works. Remember, children imitate parents and are reflection of yourself, so in order to impart the most positive effect on children, one must abstain from demonstrating anger as a source of getting things done so that kids can't imitate you and adopt anger as a part of their personality.

These simple techniques can help you get rid of unwanted argumentation and fights at home and assist in bring the peace back to the home. When you negotiate your problems with your family and provide counseling to them, you help in the bonding process and can help your family in cohesion and integration. In this way, you can lead a happy, healthy, comfortable and a prosperous life with your loved ones in the years to come.

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