Get rid of anger and defiance in children!

Every parent is faced by a situation in which they find themselves exasperated and enraged over some defiant behaviour of their children. They are also faced by the emotional outbursts and fury of the children, who have anger and defiance as an arsenal at their disposal to get their demands fulfilled. Apart from that, they use persistent annoying techniques like begging, disturbance and disruption and become a total menace, which irk the parents to the level that they themselves use anger to counter and tackle the problem, which further deteriorates the situation because playing fire with fire in this matter is not the solution.

Anger and rage is a crucial and benign factor in disrupting the environment at home. There exist a discord among the parents and children due to lack of cooperation, teamwork and friendly environment. Parents resort to yelling and swearing as an easy shortcut to tackle the situation, thus making further damage. Children tend to get lazy and anti social and cannot concentrate at school. Aggression and persistent scolding proves to be a major contributor towards improper brain development in children. It also makes the family members susceptible to various psychological and mental illnesses. Home is where you find peace of mind and comfort but these factors make it a havoc.

In order to fend off the issue, parents must first learn to relax and calm themselves. Half of the problem will be solved in this way. Second, they must understand that yelling and swearing might temporarily get the situation controlled but in the long run, it will not yield positive results. Parents should learn to really listen to what their children mean, not what they say. Defiance comes as a protest by the children to force their parents to comply by their demands. To tackle this, parents should resort to negotiation and positive reinforcement, rather than corporal punishment. Remember, children are the reflection of their parents. What you will demonstrate as the course of action to tackle a problem, the same course will be learned and adopted by your children. Parents should indulge in various activities and games with their children and teach them the importance of cooperation, bonding, politeness, forgiveness and friendliness. Children should be made to play sports to keep them healthy and provide as a positive means to channelize their negative energies.

By adopting these simple techniques, parents can surely turn the tables and bring about a positive change in their lives and that of their children. Not only will they get rid of anger and defiance issues, but also pave the way for a healthy, happy and a prosperous family.

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