Five revealing signs that your child is being bullied…

Are you constantly worried when your child starts to behave strangely? Do you realize that they have changed their eating habits and have lost appetite? Do you feel panicked that your child may be constantly hiding something from you, and that something has resulted in falling grades? If you have a strong gut feeling about this then it is probable that your child might be bullied or abused.

The revealing signs

Look at your child closely, his eating habits, the sleep cycle that he used to possess and that he is now practicing, any loss in diet. These are basically the telltale or revealing signs that your child may be bullied at school. Further signs mentioned below can grow your judgment better in understanding these signs.

A sudden drop in grades

Among all others, this is usually the first symptom that parents recognize, almost immediately. Your parental instincts will trigger almost instantaneously when you see it. This drop in grades is due to the fact that your child is being bullied at school.


So you see that your child has started to fiddle with things lately. A common sign you can quickly pickup is when you talk to him and he replies, but by looking somewhere else, etc.

Increase in aggression

It so happens that as your child is bullied at school, he is most likely to show aggression / aggressive behavior at home. The reason being is he has to lose that accumulated energy that he feels should be let out somewhere.

A loss in appetite

Children who are bullied at schools tend to display a loss in appetite. As mentioned above, a loss in diet and or sleeping disorders are common signs that your child is bullied at school.

Avoiding school

It so happens and as reported by parents, when you see your other children excited children being happy over some activity that is about to happen in school, your bullied child might not think so. He will show signs of disturbance, etc. all relating to the fact that he just wants to skips school and avoid being bullied.

Things that can help!

As a parent, you need to understand to build confidence in your children, so that they talk freely to you. Normally parents do not like to share everything with their children but they should inculcate feelings of trust in them that children share matters that disturb them.

As a caution, parents should consider installing parental control apps such as MSpy or Flexispy on their children’s smartphone in order to monitor their text messages and listening to their phone calls, in short to stay connected with them all times.

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