5 Types of teenagers' problems and how to spot them

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that your child doesn’t always behave the same way when he is with friends. There is a huge difference in-between. And this bothers the parents of not knowing what their child might be up to. Lucky for parents, cell phone monitoring is on the curve and has gained reputation among parents. The question to be asked is, why would any parent monitor their child’s activities?

This article aims at explaining the five problems that your teen might be into but you are unaware of it. So, read on!

The hopeful gangster

While a lot of critics blame rap music for uplifting the gangster reputation among teenagers, this problem is now an epidemic. Things like pointing a gun at people might seem cool to him. These teens consider themselves cool and attract the same company just so they believe they are ‘gangsters’, indicators need not to be explained as you as a parent can clearly identify deviations in your teen’s dress up.

The evil inside

Coupled with gangster activities, these children become vicious as soon as they get access to the internet. These sort of children are more prone to online hacking, tapping into other people accounts and all sorts of cyber activities that might fall into crimes. These children are easily identifiable as they owing to their higher IQ levels and the time they spend on internet.


A bully is commonly the one that is not so good in class, rather I’d say below average, and that has either the potential to outperform in sports as well. These are the kids that are subject to not only drug abuse, but physical and verbal violence to both, parents and to people at school. A common indicator of bully is posters in their rooms and a negative attitude towards children.

Copycat production

Usually simple teens in a bad company, these children tend to copy others. They are a perfect target for their group fellows and will do almost anything just to be a part of the group. A good sign is that they will lack in social skills and will ask you to defend the people they hang out with.

The social ones

Lastly, socialites are a big source of motivation for teens especially the ‘gangster company’. They follow their TV star idols who love to party and drink hard. Ultimately, these are harmful activities for your child. You know your child is a social animal when he / she comes late at night and has pouting pictures all over their cellphones.

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