Tehnology and kids

Even Steve Jobs did not allow his kids to use technology freely, do you know why?

Long gone are the days when kids demanded candies, bikes and toys on their birthdays. Nowadays they only demand iPads and electronic gadgets. Playing games nowadays does not mean basketball or badminton, it means candy crush and subway surfer. Technology has taken over our lives in every way and even kids need technology for educational and informational purposes. Although these games teach a child quick decision making and multitasking ability, playing games for longer time can lead to detrimental effects. Even a toddler can easily operate a smartphone these days. Technology has in many ways made our lives easier but access and unknown use of technology by your kids can pose seriously alarming threats to his brain development. Even Steve Jobs did not allow his kids to use technology freely. He had set time limits on his kids spending time on electronic gadgets and their technological use. Spending long time playing on smartphones can seriously affect your child’s eyesight.


It poses other scary threats too. For example, you cannot always make sure what your child is doing on the internet. The cruel world of social media and adult sites is merely a few clicks away. This could seriously temper your child’s thinking and behavior if he gets exposed to inappropriate content at an early and innocent age. Moreover, playing a lot of games can make your child hyper and aggressive. Unmonitored use of technology may make your child prone to cyber bullying or hacking. In such a scenario, it is extremely important to make sure that your child uses technology safely and appropriately.

Little boy with his dog in the park

The best way is to distract your child from using technology excessively. You can bring him pets so that his attention is diverted to the pet and he has a healthy hobby to take up. Playing with the pet will help your child learn compassion and affection. Also it would develop a sense of responsibility. Furthermore, you can bring basketball or a football so that your child spends sometime outdoor as well. Tell your child and educate them about the harmful effects of technology.

Lastly you must have parental controls installed on your tech devices so that it blocks all the harmful sites from being accessed by your child and further make sure your child does not stay up late to play with smartphones. So, instead of snatching away the device form your child’s hand and making him sulk and hate you, it is better to make sure that your child finds other healthy habits and uses smartphones and tablets only for a set time and not more than that.

Disconnecting or detaching technology is not a solution, it will make your child stay behind from their friends. Just make sure you control what your child does online. There are many parental controls apps  for computer and smartphones out there, some of the best applications are MSpy, Flexispy and Spyera  try any of these applications they are 100% undetectable and stay stress free.

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