Do you recognise the early warning signs of laziness? Time to counter with motivation

One realises at a very later part that laziness is in fact the mother of all problems, be it social or related to work. And by the time we do realise the importance of purpose and motivation, the water has already passed. Although, laziness doesn't pose a short-term threat as one tends to be from time to time, it damages our lives in the longer run, if not realized or worked upon to improve in the beginning. Some people enjoy the luxury of inaction and start to live with the disturbances created by this in-balance, while others try to eradicate it in not only themselves, but there children as well.

Dr. T.P Chia puts it in very straight terms: People who are in a constant habit of enjoying the luxuries of inaction in their lives, in most cases, pay a high price in the end. And although the anonymous quote

"you can sleep when you're dead"

Might, in fact suggest that motivation equals hard work, it actually equals satisfaction in life. The issue here in fact, is to address the problem of inaction and laziness and create a sense of purpose and motivation, for children.

So, why do children face laziness? Children tend to be lazy from time to time. But while children might seem un-motivated, it is impetus for the parents to realize that their child is not lazy. Rather, he just likes to be in control of things by not doing anything. Children tend to be resistive from time to time. For example, a child might not study for exams. While the parents regard it as laziness. I suggest that parents should let the children not study (a hard step to take indeed). Tell the child 'okay, don't study for the exam!' and let him face the obvious consequences. Whenever the child appears lazy, understand that he is motivated to do something other than what you want him to do. And the more you impose a task on him, the stronger the resistance gets. Its like a bubble that won't burst. And like all problems have a solution, this one does too.

Last piece of jigsaw puzzle

The first step in getting here is through breakdown of tasks. What you need to do is to break down complex or normal tasks into smaller ones. Help and train children to make an effort in getting the work done using small chunk of tasks. You are basically helping them create motivation along the way. As soon as one chunk gets done, the child feels empowered and satisfied.

Man teaching grandson to play baseball

Creating motivation is one thing, but maintaining it, especially for children is another aspect altogether. Exercise plays a vital role. Ask your child about preferences regarding sports and encourage him to pursue it as well. Trust me, there are a lot of researches out there that vet this point.

Adequate work-life balance can only be created through proper sleep and balance.A child's body needs exercise and sleep regularly to keep them active as is evident from researches conducted on adults.

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To get organised and doing one thing at a time needs visualisation. Most parenting articles out there give pointers on teaching parents to help children in getting organised so, there is plenty of reading available on that. My point is to help children in visualising the task. Aid your child by making him visualise the benefits of completing the tasks, the sense of motivation, and accomplishment he would get. And teach him to visualise the task, to lay out strategies, and form a proper plan of action.

Father With Hands On Sons Shoulders

Support the above learning in children by teaching them the art of self-affirmation. That they can do it and no task is too difficult. The only thing that matters is persistence and determination.

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