Can iMessage be tracked? This is not a question anymore

The moment your teenage daughter or son starts using iPhone, joy overtakes them but there are parents who start worrying.

iMessage is just not everyday text messaging. It is equipped with countless features that make your son or daughter stay glued to the iPhone. While, it might be a source of fun for them, it is also a source of potential harm.

One’s joy is another's worry:
It is true when it comes to parents as teenagers play with the smartphones and have fun, parents stay in constant state of distress and restlessness. It is not because they do not want to see their children happy. It is so because they fear that their child might fall victim to some evil activity online. Cyber bullying, drugs and gambling have affected innocent kids across the world and parents also pay the price heftily. Monitoring and keep a check on your child’s smartphone activities does not mean you do not trust them, it means you realize that your child is young enough to be manipulated and fooled.

Do not interrogate, just monitor:
Constant nagging and questioning will only make you irritate your child and they will still not tell you the truth. So, rather than asking them questions all the time, it is a great idea to let them have fun and silently monitor their activity using cell phone monitoring apps. Cell phone monitoring apps helps you keep a track of all their messages by accessing them through a web based control panel. All you need to do is buy such app (e.g. MSpy, Flexispy or Spyera ) and get started.
these are few very popular apps used for parental control and cell phone monitoring. These applications uses stealth technology and are 100% undetectable so go ahead and be a responsible parent because at the end of the day, everybody will blame you!

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