3 most popular apps used by teens for sexting and cyberbullying.

Facebook, like any other application gained huge popularity among teenagers, but with advent of time, attention was diverted. Sharing pictures, writing funny statuses, posting videos and commenting on each other pictures and statuses are all the activities taking place on Facebook to the date. It is still used for poking friends, wishing birthdays, stalking at friend’s timeline, chatting, and so much more. However, many social apps are introduced day to day to add more fun to the exciting moments, messaging and some other activities that teens like to do on a daily basis.

The most distinctive feature of these applications is that they do not keep the data. All the conversations are erased as soon as the user leaves the chat room. If you do not recognize the apps your child is using, here is what you need to know.

Temporary data Apps

Temporary apps are those applications that people use to send pictures, texts and images that disappears after a certain time. Teens can use these applications in order to avoid any past chats and images shared.


Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows users to put time limit on videos and images they shared before they vanish. Snapchat developers targeted teens to share light moments, have fun and send goody images to other friends. Teens are normally attracted to this application because they know as soon as the pictures are sent, they disappear automatically.

Parents have to pay special attention, if their kid is using Snapchat. In reality, the data is not vanished forever. Perhaps, nothing sent online disappears permanently. The data sent over snapchat can be recovered. It might motivate teenagers to share inappropriate content to others for which parents have to keep an eye.

Burn Note

Burn Note is similar to Snapchat, but the only difference is that it does not allow users to share videos and pictures. The display is unique and secretive than any other messaging applications. Although it is safer than Snapchat and any other messaging application, but still parents have to set eyes on what activities their kids are involved.

Burn Note does not keep the record of past conversation and that is why teenagers are at higher risk of being bullied. Moreover, anyone can receive the application link on his/her device. Even if the kid is not very interested in such types of apps and activities, there are still chances that they may get involved.


Slingshot is another popular application by Facebook that allows users to send pictures and videos. However, the main difference is that before you can view the received picture or video, you have to send one shot to the sender. After viewing, the picture disappears.

There is a risk associated with usage of slingshot as most of the people who are not on your friend’s list on Facebook, can send and receive pictures. Registered users on Slingshot might search people by their username and the chances are that your kid gets in the hands of fake people. If the user does not accept location services, date, time and city will appear as soon as you send the picture or video on Slingshot.

In present era, there are chances that your kid might involve in dangerous activities. You can keep track of your child’s activity through Flexispy It can keep track of all the activities, despite of what operating system is being used on their phone. Moreover, the product is easy to install and friendly to your pocket.

What type of applications have you allowed your kids to use on their devices? Please share some experience in comment section and help other parents as well.

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